Protacon’s Vision business has moved to new premises

21.1.2019 新闻

During December, Protacon’s Vision business moved from Palokka to Protacon’s head office, address Sakselantie 1, 40320 Jyväskylä.

Deliveries from the new location have started successfully. The first package was sent to a French customer. This delivery included two optical break detection sensors. VISI LT100 sensors are used to detect paper machine web breaks that are caused when the machine speed is increased and the running stability deteriorates. Fast detection of sensor problems reduces the break time. Production can be continued in a shorter time, which brings remarkable productivity savings.

Vision’s products can be ordered as before by email at and later on, from an online shop to be released soon.

visilt 100

Vision’s VISI LT100 break detection sensor delivered to the customer.

visilt 100