Our selections and actions in everyday life

Social responsibility is a part of our management system, everyday selections and actions. We strive to preserve jobs by carrying out profitable business. We strive to reduce our environmental footprint by using tools and solutions that reduce the need of travelling and minimise generation of waste and residual materials.

About social responsibility to job seekers

We recycle the material generated in our locations. We devote significant efforts to ensure well-being at work, development of skills, and dialogue between stakeholders. We contribute to supporting actions that improve local community life and entrepreneurship and support groups in a disadvantaged position.

About social responsibility to our customers

Job seeker – select a socially responsible employer

As Protacon’s employee, you belong to a community whose values are part of everyday actions and decisions. We see diversity as a source of strength and everyone is accepted as they are in our working community. Education, work experience, duties and the cultural background of our employees enrich us and enable us to change constantly as a community.

Every year, we use a significant amount of resources for further learning. This we do via practical daily tasks, by experimenting and train and study. You participate in developing and delivering our service products designed for eight different customer sectors.  We collaborate on a long-term basis with educational institutions to ensure smooth transfer of new talents to the beginning of their career paths upon graduation. At Protacon, each employee can see the final result and effect of their work.

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About social responsibility to our customers

As Protacon’s customer, you receive socially responsible service. We provide services that reduce the environmental footprint of our customers’ businesses. We are involved in developing future energy technologies, for example, utilisation of battery technology and reduction of loads caused by business travel.

Our solutions for management by knowledge increase consciousness, which can be used to monitor and improve responsible business conduct. Our predefined digital solutions improve data traceability and business transparency. Via our regional units, we strive to provide services near customers.

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Our social responsibility actions

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