Join the first-ever PHP Meetup in Jyväskylä!

28.3.2019 事件
Antti ja Tare

The main architects of the Meetup, Antti (left) and Tare (right).

PHP developer in Jyväskylä, are you longing for the company of like-minded people? Would you like to hear and share experiences and network in a relaxed environment?

Join the PHP Meetup in Jyväskylä on Wednesday 10 April at 5–7 pm at Musta Kynnys. In addition to PHP discussions, food and drinks will be served.

The main architects of the Meetup are Antti and Tare from Protacon, also active members of the PHP developer community. They use the language, for example, for developing web-based systems, especially back end interface implementations with the Symfony framework.

– At Symfonycon, we had the opportunity to get to know the world PHP community, which awakened our interest in finding out these people in Jyväskylä. Which tools, versions and frameworks do they use to code PHP? Do they write the darkest legacy code or the latest and the most beautiful one? Networking allowed us to share the best solutions and experiences, not forgetting the most instructive battle stories, Antti says describing the birth idea of the event.

Welcome to join the Meetup to ideate PHP Meetups and get to know other PHP developers!

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What is Meetup about?

The idea behind the Meetups is to meet people with common interests and share views through either informal conversation or scheduled presentations.


The first
PHP Meetup Jyväskylä


Musta Kynnys
Hannikaisenkatu 16
40100 Jkl


Wednesday 10 April
At 17–19