Jarkko Vehmas

A brief description of yourself

My name is Jarkko and I am an engineer in welfare technology. In 2012, I completed my Bachelor’s degree for Protacon and then remained to work at the company. During my student time, I spent six months in Bangkok starting to orient myself more towards design and implementation of user interfaces.

What does your work include at Protacon?

I am a member of the Once team where my main responsibility area consists of waste management deliveries. I am also responsible for the design, layout and usability of user interfaces for the automation department. The job content of my working days varies very much. In some projects, I am more in contact with customers, whereas in others, I take care of the programming of the user interface.

What motivates you in your job?

I am motivated by the versatility and diversity of my tasks and the possibility to learn new things. In addition, I share a common interest with Protacon for developing user interface design and usability to industrial environments. I also enjoy working in a good team with other highly-skilled professionals.

How do you recover from work?

I am the coach of a girls’ basket ball team, which helps me forget about work for a while, balancing around a busy family life. I like to travel during my holidays.

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