Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Heta Antila and I work at Protacon as a systems specialist with the Muster system. I have BBA degree in data processing. I’ve been working on the support team at Protacon since 2008.

What does a systems specialist do on the support team?

Our support team receives service requests and calls from our clients, as well as dealing with our clients’ urgent problem situations related to the system. Additionally, we are responsible for commissioning services for our new clients, and we communicate with our customer base regarding any matters related to the service. A satisfied customer is of utmost importance to us, so we are closely involved with developing our system and support service.

What do I like in my job?

The most rewarding aspect of my work is when I’m able to solve a client’s problem in collaboration with them, or to offer a solution that’s suitable for their needs. The commissions and the constant development of our service provide a nice variation to the work tasks, and keep the job description versatile. Throughout the eight years of my career I’ve worked as a system specialist with several systems, carried out implementation cases and worked as a team leader. Thanks to the growing responsibility and diverse tasks my job description has been meaningful and my work has offered just the right challenge.

What do I do during my time off?

To balance out working with information technology, I like spending my time off doing stuff with my family, jogging, and doing handicraft. During my time off, I also like spending active time in nature, and one of my dreams is a trip to the Kevo Canyon.