New cloud service increased pleasure at work

Sähköinfo has been providing a database service to help tender calculation in electrical contracting for almost 30 years. The service is based on packages comprising installation entities assembled from electrical accessories and work. The packages facilitate and speed up the tender calculation process. All tender calculation software for electrical contracting use the database of Sähköinfo.

The original system installed in one single-user workstation was already so outdated that it could no longer be further developed. Data synchronisation was difficult and the use was also otherwise complicated: it was necessary to open several windows and review pieces of linked data in different views. Computer damage would have caused considerable problems.

“We wanted to have a new, easy-to-use and safe cloud service. In addition, further development of the software in accordance with future needs was important for us”, says department manager Juha Grönlund from Sähköinfo.

Indeed, the change was total. The old information system was scrapped and a completely new browser-based solution was introduced to replace it. Protacon was selected as the supplier based on colleagues’ recommendations, among other things. The clear and efficiently laid out requirements specification also convinced the client.

Data security and usability to a new level

The new service can be used anywhere and anytime. Information collected in it is safely stored in the cloud service and the usability has been taken to a completely new level. One view contains a lot of information and the service is much easier to use than before. Users external to Sähköinfo can also browse the packages contained in the system at title level via a public online service. This could not have been implemented in the old system.

“Even though the project was large and the entity to be built was challenging, everything went really well. As expected, Protacon’s team was professional, and things progressed efficiently. Remote meetings were flexibly held according to the need. When challenges were faced, they were tackled immediately instead of waiting for the next scheduled meeting. Overall, everything was well under control.”

People at Sähköinfo are very satisfied with the new cloud service.

“It is a pleasure to work with! The introduction of the system was easy and the final user experience is clearly on the credit side. The new system can be further developed and expanded. We already have outlined various plans regarding further development”, relates Mr. Grönlund.

Sähköinfo Oy is an educational and publishing company owned by the Electrical Contractors´ Association of Finland (STUL) providing literature, training courses and services that serve the entire electrical branch of Finland.

As expected, Protacon’s team was professional, and things progressed efficiently. The introduction of the system was easy and the final user experience is clearly on the credit side.

Juha Grönlund, Department Manager,
Sähköinfo Oy

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