Easier management through improved transparency of financial administration data

“The rental housing company Niiralan Kulma owned by the municipality of Kuopio has grown rapidly, as municipal mergers in recent years have expanded our area of operation. Along with this growth, we have considered it appropriate to develop our operations and internal processes in order to achieve our targets. We want to provide better service to both existing and future residents of Niiralan Kulma, as well as understand what is and what is not profitable.

After exploring modern Business Intelligence services, we decided to put the development of knowledge management on the agenda in our own organisation. We became convinced of the suitability of Powen BI services to our needs, since they conveniently provided us with a complete package from data collection and integrations to real-time management reports from a single house.

The BI service has been introduced in two stages in cooperation with Powen and Protacon. In the first stage, Protacon built a data storage for the collection and storage of financial administration data. The data transfer and the creation of the data storage have taken place unobserved; all things were laid down during one meeting.”

“BI service reduces manual work performed by financial administration”

“Powen is responsible for ensuring that all data collected will be analysed and processed further to an appropriate format as timely reports. Powen helps us to take the service into use and select appropriate reporting tools. Knowhow is transferred to our employees in workshops to enable them to use the Power BI reporting tool independently. From our perspective, the delivery of the BI service has taken place effortlessly and easily.

In the future, we also want to integrate data from the ERP system into the same data storage, which will further increase the application capabilities of Power BI. As a large rental housing company, we are particularly interested in monitoring utilisation rates of sites, for example, as well as actual and budgeted repair expenses per each cost pool. We have not been able to use reports combining data collected by different systems; with Power BI, integration and analysis of data can be done with a wave of the hand using real-time data.

BI service reduces manual work performed by the financial administration staff, as reports are created in real-time in an easily understandable form even in mobile devices. The service saves time, reduces the risk of errors and makes financial administration data more transparent.

We are curiously looking forward to being able to use the possibilities of Power BI in our daily work. I believe that the more we use the service, the better we will learn how to exploit information to develop our operations for the benefit of the residents of Niiralan Kulma.”

The service saves time, reduces the risk of errors and makes financial administration data more transparent.

Petra Laukkanen, Financial Manager,
Niiralan Kulma


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