”We lacked real-time monitoring and a systematic approach until we got KuPi”

In the early 2017, Keminmaan Energia introduced the Protacon KuPi maintenance service as the first customer. KuPi is a cloud service allowing Keminmaan Energia to organise, monitor and report their work with mobile tools. The energy service company, with 14 permanent employees, provides its customers with services related to electricity and district heating.

According to Aukusti Karvonen, thermal plant manager and operation supervisor at Keminmaan Energia, before the introduction of KuPi, the company did not have a real-time system for work planning or recording. Some notes had been taken in manual files mainly in alarm cases, but no forward planning of tasks existed. Protacon delivered automation systems for the thermal plants of Keminmaan Energia during summer 2016, and the idea of a new type of maintenance system was conceived at that time.

–  We have now used KuPi for about six months. First, we encountered some challenges related to the adaptation of the system to our needs. Nevertheless, we were able to remove the programme menus that we did not need and add our own inspection points instead, Mr. Karvonen explains.

”Easy to teach even to summer season workers”

According to Mr. Karvonen, KuPi has been well received by their employees. Particularly young people have enjoyed using the application, and it has been easy to teach even to summer season workers how to use the system. The possibility to add photos of maintenance areas has been considered a particularly useful feature that allows the service personnel to easily see the previous measures taken in a particular place.

–  KuPi has increased openness. All work is stored in one programme in which all parties involved can check the previous and the following actions. A significant number of our people have retired and, for instance, we don’t know which maintenance tasks they have carried out over the course of their employment. At this stage, it would be awkward to give a call to an old age pensioner regarding business matters, says Mr. Karvonen with a smile.

For this reason, Mr. Karvonen sees it important that appropriate attention be paid to the documentation of work. In the future, he will also make more efficient use of KuPi’s feature for forward planning of work. While the KuPi system has been introduced step by step at Keminmaan Energia, Mr. Karvonen strongly believes that one learns best by doing and using it.

All work is stored in one programme in which all parties involved can check the previous and the following actions.

Aukusti Karvonen, thermal plant manager and operation supervisor,
Keminmaan Energia


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