Finishing operations in the paper and board industry

Our service offering for the finishing operations in the paper and board industry encompasses winders, rewinders, conveyor solutions, roll information systems, mechanics, electrical and fluid systems, automation system complete with auxiliary equipment and today also packaging materials.

Our services include

  • Comprehensive condition analyses
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Bottleneck analyses and related solution concepts
  • Automation and electric drive system rebuilds
  • Mechanical changes
  • Upgrades, problem solving, capacity increases
  • Information system rebuilds and modifications

We provide comprehensive roll handling services reliably and professionally. We operate globally and independently of equipment manufacturers.

Solutions for winder and rewinder automation, electric drives and actuators

Protacon’s winder automation includes all that is needed in the winder control. The application integrates machine controls, management of reeling and control of electric drives in one system. Shared operating displays for different functions together with recipe controls ensure better usability, reliability and quality control. Integrated automation reduces the number of system components facilitating troubleshooting and minimising the spare part need.

Protacon offers solutions for winder AC and DC drives. We have wide experience in winder modernisations with the DC drive technology, as well as digitalisation of DC drives. We also offer mechanical upgrades for winders, e.g. installation of automated positioning equipment, core locks and safety systems. We carry out projects on turnkey basis or with a smaller scope.

puunjalostusteollisuus_leikkuri puunjalostusteollisuus_ac_dc
We have implemented the overall electrification and automation system design and startup for several roll packaging machines, conveyors and warehouses on roll handling lines all over the world.

Optimisation of roll handling with a balance between production quality, capacity, equipment lifetime and reliability is one of our core competences. We offer maintenance service based on annual contracts for roll handling systems with the option of including VPN remote diagnostic services for automated machine control and roll information systems. Our services encompass the entire process all the way from automation to quality and runnability checks of packaging materials.

Our products for the paper industry

ProInfo information system

ProInfo is a simple and economical data collection system with versatile connection possibilities to different types of systems. Protacon has wide and deep expertise in databases. We can produce clear reports suitable for further processing even from large combinations of data quickly and efficiently.

RoAd storage management and control system

RoAd offers comprehensive monitoring of each paper roll all the way from the machine reel via slitting and finishing until to the warehouse.

All line equipment can be connected to the system. RoAd monitors the rolls individually on the production line. Roll processing, weighing, packaging and marking are performed according to the customers’ requirements. The system provides a detailed report including all information related to the proceeding and handling of each roll.

RoAd is a perfect solution for seamless co-operation between production planning and roll finishing. The RoAd system is based on the DNAroAd system originally developed by Metso Automation and has later been upgraded to meet the present day requirements.

Protacon Winding Control

Protacon Winding Control is a cost-efficient package developed by Protacon for the modernisation of winder automation systems. The software package includes management of reeling, the Protacon Auto-Stop reeling function and optimised blade positioning. All calculations required by the controls are performed by the logic unit in the winder’s control CPU. The best results are achieved by simultaneously renewing electric drives and implementing drive controls in Protacon’s Winding Control software package.

Protacon INDEX conveyor

Protacon’s INDEX conveyor replaces service-intensive hydraulic conveyors that are used to transfer rolls to the packaging machine. This electric motor driven conveyor solution moves the rolls quickly and accurately. Most importantly, it is a very reliable solution requiring very little maintenance.

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