Steam Turbine Control (STC) system

Protacon’s STC (Steam Turbine Control) system controls, adjusts and optimises steam turbine operation and performs the turbine’s protection functions.

Features of STC turbine control and protections

  • All necessary turbine controls can be included, for example, front-end pressure, back-pressure and frequency control, etc.
  • Integratable into the existing automation system
  • Independent of the automation system
  • Good connectability of peripherals
  • Integration of vibration and speed measurements
  • Protection with 1oo2 and 2oo3 transmitters
  • Control of auxiliary devices of the turbine is possible; control oil, lube oil, drain, gland steam, etc.
  • Turbine startup and shutdown sequences
  • Automatic selection of startup curves
  • Automatic synchronisation
  • Load curve monitoring
  • Integration of magnetisation
  • Integration of the generator
  • Controls and adjustment of magnetisation and the generator


The STC system is based on an application that can be implemented in any automation system. Protacon recommends the PCS7 system, which enable reliable and flexible integration of the safety PLC without additional external systems.

We use the Jaquet FT3000 system in overspeed protection and Bently Nevada in vibration protection.

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