ProCMS — Protacon’s CMS system

Protacon has introduced a new generation condition monitoring system with its basic idea consisting of user-friendliness.

The system is composed of four basic elements:

  1. CMS Server
  2. CMS Client
  3. CMS FU (FieldUnit)
  4. Sensors

ProCMS is extremely scalable and suits many processes, machines and equipment. CMS FU permits extremely versatile connection of different types of measurements and sensors.

Versatile analysis tools and a user-friendly interface raise condition monitoring to a completely new, modern level.


VibLog – Vibration Measurement System

VibLog is a stand-alone type vibration measurement system allowing quick and easy installation. The system can be equipped with several vibration measurement sensors to enable collection of measurement data at a high sampling frequency.

The basic package includes efficient analysis tools which in most cases are sufficient to solve the cause of the problem.

For more complex applications, a separate measurement data processing system is available. The portable version includes, for example, a 16-channel vibration measurement system with all tools neatly packed in one carrying case.

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