Automation system rebuild of Keminmaan Energia easily carried out during shutdowns

Protacon will renew the automation system of the district heating plants of Keminmaan Energia. The work will be carried out in stages in the summer of 2016 during planned shutdowns. Production of district heating will run normally during the project. The operating personnel of Keminmaan Energia will be actively involved in the project. In this way, information created during the design and startup will be directly transformed into user competence.

“Protacon was selected as the project supplier due to its good references, among other things. In addition, we quickly reached agreement on the implementation of the project. We had our own views and wishes regarding the project, and these will be taken into account in the design”, says managing director Jukka Järnström from Keminmaan Energia Oy.

Keminmaan Energia provides its customers with district heating by means of 2MW and 6MW solid fuel boiler plants as well as three peak power plants. The new system includes approximately 800 I/O systems of Siemens field automation and a modern control room solution. The control room user interface tailored to user needs is an efficient tool for the management of the boiler plants and the district heating network.

“Every company has its own way of carrying out projects. With Protacon, we have been satisfied with their obvious eagerness to regularly contact the customer. This is not always self-evident. All suppliers do not necessarily understand that close communication is an important part of a successful project. Project coordinator Tuomo Kanniainen is previously known to us, since he participated in the building of the thermal plant, and we trust that this project will also be completed very well”, Mr. Järnström says.

Protacon is a local partner offering expertise for energy and thermal plants. Power and thermal plants are one of our specialist areas with experience gathered from more than a hundred customer projects. Every year, we deliver electrical automation systems to new plants and modernise existing plants when the current systems become outdated.

With Protacon, we have been satisfied with their obvious eagerness to regularly contact the customer.

Jukka Järnström, Managing Director,
Keminmaan Energia Oy


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