”Significant time savings and easy reporting with the Once system”

”We acquired Protacon’s Once system in summer 2013 to improve the management of our entire fuel supply chain. We use the Once system in fuel receipt, laboratory moisture analysis, trucks and wheel loaders. The receipt of fuels is performed via the Once driver terminal and quantities are recorded directly in the cloud service. The wheel loader data is also transferred to the cloud service, which means that the storages are updated in real-time.

Earlier, the registration of data was mainly done manually and it required a lot of time. Loads were recorded on paper, sample data was processed manually and the necessary pieces of information were entered in the computer one by one. During the winter, we may receive between 10 and 12 loads each day, and the mere registration of these used to take about six hours. Now everything can be completed in one hour. At the same time, we receive clear and illustrative customer reports, which can include, for example, specifications for each material.

The introduction of the Once system has remarkably speeded up our work, particularly regarding the reporting functions. In addition, the entire procedure is now more systematic. Today, samples are taken from each load. Our storage management has also improved a lot thanks to the Once system. All this brings us notable cost savings.

Once has also improved information security. All information is now safely and securely stored on Protacon’s server. Earlier, in case of a computer failure, we would have lost the entire database. The cooperation with Protacon has been very smooth and flexible all the time.

The modern technology of the Once system is exactly what we need in our operations. Although Haapajärven Lämpö is a relatively small thermal power plant, the powerful functionalities of the Once system provide cost savings and visible improvements in our operations already with these fuel quantities. For us, Protacon’s solution was the best when considering the overall requirements. If I now said that the old system is taken back in use, our maintenance personnel would absolutely refuse!”

We use the Once system in fuel receipt, laboratory moisture analysis, trucks and wheel loaders.

Janne Alpua, Managing Director,
Haapajärven Lämpö Oy


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