“Treatment procedures accelerated significantly”

“We had been considering development of software running in a tablet computer to be integrated into our dental care unit for a long time. Protacon contacted us at exactly the right moment, since we would not have had internal resources for designing such versatile PC software for our equipment. At the beginning of the project, Windows 8 was only in the introduction stage and a risk existed that the project would be delayed because of this. However, we managed to utilise the new platform, and the Fimet IDIS software was taken into use slightly less than a year ago.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from dentists. They have considered the software developed by Protacon simple and intuitive to use. Many procedures performed by dentists have notably accelerated due to the new software. In addition, patients are saved from uncomfortable situations where the dentist would need to reach out to view images on the desktop computer in the middle of the procedure.

Video cameras that were previously needed in procedures were often located in poorly accessible places or were otherwise difficult to use. Now, “cable spaghetti” is avoided and the video camera is easily accessible directly from the instrument tray. Since Fimet IDIS includes a video display and an X-ray sensor, X-ray images are displayed on the tablet computer screen in a few seconds. The touch screen monitor enables the dentist to show the video image to the patient as well – for example, to demonstrate the start and end conditions.

Or, while removing tartar, dental hygienists can show the places that were skipped during tooth brushing. This may motivate patients to take better care of their teeth in the future. The system also includes a small-scale patient database, which enables associating stored images with correct persons at the same time. As far as we know, other dental care units equipped with similar properties are not currently available in the market.

Since this is a so-called closed system, the customer does not need to struggle with computer problems, such as software updates. There are no compatibility problems either. An integrated system yields savings of several tens of percent compared to separate devices. Software installation and tests are completed at the factory before delivery. The maintenance person simply connects Fimet IDIS to the dental care unit and the equipment is ready for use.”

Patients are saved from uncomfortable situations where the dentist would need to reach out to view images on the desktop computer in the middle of the operation.

Kari Kiviniemi, R&D Manager,
Fimet Oy


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