The most important resources of a service company: digitalisation and service design

Protacon has strong experience in the digitalisation of business processes of service companies. Having modified traditional customer-specific software in selected business sectors into solutions for the entire sector, we understand the heart and soul of a service company.

We are also currently carrying out customer-specific projects for the digitalisation of business operations of dozens of service companies.

We are actively involved in the development of new types of services that utilise data masses and data flows to create and target new services. If you are planning to shift the focus from manufacturing to sales and service production, contact us for the best advice and solutions!

Our business sector solutions

Examples of our business sector solutions for service companies:

  • Digitalisation of inspection and monitoring business
  • Utilisation of customer data in marketing
  • Management of customer flows
  • ERP integrated electronic customer interfaces
  • Digitalisation and automation of customer service
  • Platform services and implementation of digitalisation services
  • Product catalogues and product configurators for sales and customer service
  • Remote monitoring

Customer references

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