Electronics tests

Do you construct electronic actuators or circuit boards? Protacon can develop an electronics testing system that accurately meets your needs and most demanding testing challenges. You can select your preferred methods for data collection and reporting.

We will consider the technological requirements of electronics tests to ensure reliable and faultless measurement and test results. Improve your product quality and reduce testing costs by entrusting your electronics tests to Protacon.

Machine and equipment tests

Machines and equipment are typically composed of several components. Therefore, quality control and testing must be correctly implemented and started already in the subassembly stage to register the components, which are then tested during the assembly.

In this way, it is possible to identify any deviations or faults already in the installation stage thus avoiding dismounting work, as any defective parts can be immediately replaced. Component registration improves traceability, which is needed in the case that a deviation is detected in a product range after the delivery to the end customer.

Testing during subassembly does not guarantee the total functionality of the end product. Therefore, the final product test has an important role in ensuring high-quality end products. Protacon has implemented both subassembly and final test systems for various products and production environments.

Protacon’s testing system architecture supports

  • Flexible management
  • Product assembly-specific variations in tests
  • Integrated operation with ERP and MES systems
  • Efficient data collection
  • Versatile & dynamic reporting

Stress test systems

Is your target to ensure both stress resistance and durability of mechanical constructions and materials? Stress tests require accurate control, repeatability and precise measurements. The stress test systems developed by Protacon are very well suited to this.

Since stress tests often take a long time, efficient processing of a large mass of measurement data plays an important role. Protacon has skills and necessary methods for the management of large data masses and dynamic reporting of test results in accordance with the required standards.

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