What is the future smart factory like?

6.3.2019 News

E.g. ARROW GEMA –  for operating digitalization of shop floor data collection – is introduced at the exhibition.

At Advanced Engineering 2019, Protacon will shape the outlines for a smart future factory. A service range wider than ever will be displayed at the trade fair including modern digitalization solutions for production plants and Omron’s LD mobile robot with renewed features.

The robot has been integrated with two systems: ARROW GEMA – for operating digitalization of shop floor data collection – and ARROW Novi – for responding to the needs of preventive maintenance. The visitors can themselves test and control the robot using a tablet. The system solutions are a part of the ARROW Operational Excellence concept, which is focused on visual daily production management.

– Digitalization of data is the basis of shop floor management. Key factors for excellent management include collection of reliable real-time data from production, modern maintenance management, and data visualization enhancing comprehension, says ARROW’s Sales Manager Juho Arkkola.

– In this way, high-quality data serves as the foundation of strategic decision making. Anticipation based on facts can increase the efficiency of production and maintenance by several tens of percentage points, Arkkola sums up.

Competitive edge through digital solutions

Omron LD-mobiilirobotti

Omron’s LD mobile robot is introduced with renewed features.

For a smart future factory, Protacon provides digital solutions that help customers lead peak human performance in the management of supply chains and daily production activities, maintenance, safety at work and management by knowledge.

– In addition, customers’ product development as well as production quality and efficiency can be improved by increasing their competitive advantage with measuring and quality assurance systems, machine vision, X-ray technology and production data collection with systems ranging from sensors to cloud services, explains Teemu Väyrynen, Project Manager at Protacon.

A mobile robot practically reflects the expertise of the entire Protacon Group in digital solutions for the industry.

– We have already showcased a mobile robot at a number of other trade shows. This time, the mobile robot demo was expanded by integrating it into the GEMA and Novi systems through new interfaces. The demo provides a comprehensive overview of Protacon Group’s services showing how new features can be integrated into it, Väyrynen continues.

Such independently acting robots will provide a real competitive advantage in the future in improving production efficiency and digitalization of the manufacturing industry.

– For example, a robot can transfer assembly parts from one place to another without getting bored or tired, or take samples in a sterile environment where humans are not allowed to enter. Work cycles become faster and employees can concentrate on more creative and productive tasks, Väyrynen says welcoming visitors to the trade fair:

– Protacon is an industrial innovator and digitalization partner. Welcome to visit our smart factory!


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