Easy introduction of paperless maintenance at thermal and water supply plants

20.10.2016 News

All data can be easily registered in the KuPi service using mobile devices

Maintenance work processes are often controlled and managed using heavy and complex applications or, alternatively, paper forms and maintenance books. This results in situations where work orders cannot be accessed in the field or records are not transmitted further because of paper versions. Protacon’s new mobile-optimised KuPi cloud service facilitates the performance, follow-up and definition of maintenance work.

Deviations observed during maintenance easily remain unaddressed if the tools and procedures are not clear and easy-to-use. KuPi is designed to facilitate maintenance work to allow direct recording of actions in the field instead of intermediate records on paper or later on the PC.

KuPi is designed to serve maintenance personnel and work supervision in the modern mobile world. Forgetting tasks is avoided and planning is easier as everything can be found in one service.

For example, when detecting a device failure, the maintenance person can easily add a new urgent task directly on the spot and, when necessary, also attach a figure of the affected device. The information will be automatically transmitted to the procurement list. Thereafter, the task proceeds step by step and the work supervision can continuously follow up its current state. The task remains visible in the action list until all steps have been performed. In this way, not a single task can be forgotten.

A great help also for those doing “side jobs”

There are plants where the operating personnel must also carry out repair and maintenance tasks besides their actual jobs. Thus, the planning and performing of preventive maintenance tasks should be easy, and overlapping work must be minimised.

KuPi informs and reminds users of upcoming maintenance tasks, shows full event history data and enables insertion of attachments, figures and comments to tasks, equipment and targets. Users can also add upcoming tasks to their phones, tablets and calendars. In this way, their following tasks are easily accessible on any terminal device without the need of signing in to the application.

The KuPi service will be presented to the public at the Energy 2016 trade fair. Welcome to visit us at our stand A410!

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