Logo and Graphic Guideline

The most important graphic guidelines are listed here. Follow these guidelines when using the Protacon logo in webtexts and printing. More detailed instructions for using the white logo or the logo without the background etc. Graphic Guideline (pdf).

Permission for using the Protacon logo must always be requested at marketing@protacon.com

Official logo of Protacon Group


Protection area

The vertical measure of the protection area equals the x-height between the bottom and the top of the stem of the letter P in the visual company logoname. The height is indicated by a dark boldface x in the Graphic Guideline. Elements must not be placed closer than this height. It is not allowed to change the dimensions of the logo, and the dimensions must always comply with the instructions.


The logo colours are defined here with CMYK, PMS, RGB and HEX colour codes.

Basic blue
CMYK: c90, m80, y1, k0
PMS: Pantone 2728 CVC
RGB: 55r – 78g – 161b
HEX: #374EA1

CMYK: c70, m64, y62, k59
PMS: Pantone 433 CVC
RGB: 50r – 50g – 51b
HEX: #323233

Turquoise (auxiliary colour)
CMYK: c69, m12, y0, k0
PMS: Pantone 2985 CVC
RGB: 42r – 176g – 229b
HEX: #2AB0E5

Red (accent color)
CMYK: c13, m100, y96, k3
PMS: Pantone 1797 CVC
RGB: 205r – 33g – 41b
HEX: #CD2129