Electrification, automation and electric drives

Protacon Marine is specialised in the design and project management of electrification, automation and electric drives for the marine industry. Our specialist areas include on-board power generation, marine automation and diesel-electric propulsion drives.

Protacon Marine offers reliable service worldwide for all stages of ship construction projects, either as consulting service or as turnkey projects.

We have experience in all vessel types

  • Ships navigating in ice-covered waters and icebreakers
  • Other special vessels
  • Passenger ferries and ships
  • Cargo vessels

We have availability to a large product range. As a brand-independent operator, we can carry out projects using reliable components and technologies that are already familiar to the customer. This brings savings to the shipping company / operator in operation and maintenance costs and improves the availability of spare parts.

Protacon’s products for marine and offshore projects

Protacon Service Centre

All systems delivered can be connected to our own remote maintenance service. We can collect information about the system performance and make necessary changes remotely to correct any problems.

The customer can leave a service request at the service centre at any time of the day and problem solving is started without delay. Based on the information collected from the system, maintenance operations and spare parts can be prepared in advance before arriving at the site, if need be. In this way, problem solving is faster.

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