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25.10.2016 News

Protacon supplies self-checkout systems for both continuous use and events

At the KoneAgria exhibition organised in October 2016 at the Congress and Trade Fair Centre Jyväskylä Paviljonki, self-service cashiers were used for the first time in a large event. Before this, self-checkouts have been taken into use in vehicle inspection stations, for example, where they have increased sales as much as by 15%. At the KoneAgria exhibition, more than 2,000 tickets were sold during the first three hours.

It appears that this event is the first trade fair in Finland using a self-checkout system

It appears that this event is the first trade fair in Finland using a self-checkout system. Exhibition manager Marko Toivakka was very satisfied with Protacon’s system:

“The self-service terminals functioned exactly as we had expected. We could increase cost-efficiency and customers were able to move in to the exhibition area faster and more easily. We will most certainly use automatic cashier systems at exhibition entrances to facilitate the ticket selling procedure in the future as well.”

Shorter queues improved customer satisfaction

A self-checkout machine is a part of a cloud-based cashier system that can be used for selling products and services both online and in customer service locations and self-service points of sale. The KoneAgria exhibition showed that an intuitive and easy-to-use self-service terminal greatly facilitates the ticket selling procedure at large events.

Self-checkout systems suit both small points of sales with only a few sales persons and large events with tens of thousands of visitors.

They accelerate customers’ checkout process in a simple and easy way. Shorter queues guarantee more satisfied customers.

“Automatic checkouts represent the present day and will certainly find demand and arouse interest. I believe that the use of self-service systems in events will increase in the near future”, Mr. Toivakka concludes.

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