Information security capabilities of SMS businesses are verified in a new way

13.1.2017 News

Protacon got the FINCSC Cyber Security Certificate.

The FINCSC Cyber Security Certificate developed in Jyväskylä, Finland during last year enables particularly medium-sized and smaller businesses to determine their information security levels. The Cyber Scheme Finland pilot of the IT Institute of JAMK University of Applied Sciences has already been of great help to around twenty companies.

“In Finland, there are tens of thousands of small and medium-sized companies, for which implementation of ISO certificates, favoured by large companies, is impossible because the costs would be too high. Larger supply chains are composed of smaller service providers and subsuppliers. It is often the information security of SMS companies where the threat lurks. For this reason, we developed a cost-efficient and easily utilisable cyber safety certificate that raises companies’ information security to a sufficient level”, explains Mika Karjalainen from the IT Institute of JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

Information security is management of people

One of the companies that has been granted this certificate is Protacon. They have already invested in information security for years.

“The certificate confirmed that we have been doing the right things in the long term. Aspects required by the certificate were in order at us. Since we process large amounts of customer data, information security matters are at the core of our service development as well.”

Protacon Solutions offers its customers, among other things, information security services that ensure safe and secure storage of customers’ data within Finland, even on a server.

“In information security matters, one often concentrates on technical protection forgetting the greatest threat, i.e. people. Information security is absolutely much more management of people and business than technology”, explains business manager Jarkko Kosonen from Protacon.

In future, Protacon will concentrate even more strongly on also helping its customers in information security matters.

“The EU information security regulation will take effect in May 2018. It applies to all companies and makes them obliged to implement certain measures under penalty of quite large sanctions.”

Information security as a competitive asset

The ICT segment is continuously growing in Jyväskylä. Jarkko Kosonen believes that the companies in the region are building the future of the digital Finland. If all of the companies of the region participate in putting information security aspects in order, this will also show the way on the national level and will arouse even international interest.

“We aim to make the certificate internationally comparable to enable its value as a business advancer”, summarises Mika Karjalainen from the IT Institute.

Over the past few years, Jyväskylä has provided the venue for a continuously growing cyber security intelligence centre, where significant parties include JYVSECTEC, a research, development and education centre for cyber security, the University of Jyväskylä and JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

Further information

Mika Karjalainen
Academic, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, IT Institute
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Jarkko Kosonen
Business Director, Protacon Solutions
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