Protacon has an experienced electrical engineering and instrumentation design team

Protacon’s experienced electrical engineering team can handle the most demanding instrumentation and electrification projects. We have solid experience in the process, energy and mechanical engineering industries. We serve customers all over the world.

We can carry out mill-wide projects from preliminary design to startup. Our database-based design system guarantees efficient, accurate and flexible documentation.

Our services cover the following areas

Project management and consulting

  • Cost accounting
  • Power supplies and space requirements for electrification
  • Delivery and management of turnkey solutions

Machine safety

  • Risk assessment
  • Determination of required performance level (PLr)
  • Determination of achieved performance (PL) level with the SISTEMA software tool
  • Design and testing of safety circuits

Process electrification

  • Design and dimensioning of power supply
  • Dimensioning of supply cables
  • Design of motor centres
  • Design of motor outputs
  • Parameterisation of frequency converters, intelligent field equipment and motor outputs
  • Installation supervision, system testing and startup


  • Instrumentation design
  • Selection of field equipment
  • Design of safety-related instrumentation circuits
  • Installation supervision, system testing and startup

Electrical engineering for automation systems

  • Design of system diagrams
  • Electrical design of PLC systems
  • Electrical design of DCS systems
  • Installation supervision, system testing and startup

Building electrification

  • Electrical, telecommunication and security system design for buildings
  • Installation supervision during the construction time
  • Performance and commissioning tests including measurements
  • Condition audits
  • Maintenance and development plans

Tools we use

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