TyPe – Manage and Monitor Competence Requirements

With the Protacon TyPe service you can easily manage and monitor in real time all data related to orientation training, education, qualification and competence required from your personnel, contractors and suppliers.

Specific qualification requirements can be defined for each plant and each role. The area cannot be accessed with defective information, which reduces the risk of accidents.

Why TyPe

Integrations with other systems enable automatic monitoring of occupational safety

You know that all employees and contractors have the qualifications required at the site

You improve safety at work and save time and money in the management of occupational safety

Why Protacon TyPe?

You only need to take care of the required orientation training and qualifications – TyPe takes care of the rest. Raise occupational safety to a new level with automatic monitoring. Forget time-consuming classroom orientation training sessions and management of contractors’ employees.

work accidents
reduction of internal administrative work
proof of fulfillment of qualifications
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Cards and qualifications safely stored

You can see qualification cards and documents in addition to completed training

Several users

Your suppliers and contractors can add and remove their own employees

Automatic messages

TyPe sends a message of expiring data and requirement changes

Worksite specific orientation training

Indicate what is required from employees for safe performance of work

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