Get rid of Excel – Knowledge and Transparency for Material Flow Management: Save 30% of supply chain management costs

The management of material flows ensures the right raw materials to the right place at the right time

Management of inbound and outbound material flows of energy and circular economy companies is a multi-stage process in which several different stakeholders participate.

From the viewpoint of optimal material utilization, it is important that the entire supply chain co-operates seamlessly and the data created in the process is communicated reliably and in real time between the different stakeholders.

GUIDE: Digitalization in Circular Economy

An inadequately managed supply chain can be identified by the following:


In reporting, time is spent on Excel twiddling and information is fragmented

Production inefficiency due to a lack of right materials

Hidden costs are not identified and time is spent on correcting human errors.

Knowledge is the key to efficient supply chain management

The information generated in the different stages of the supply chain, such as the origin and price of raw materials, the operator’s capacity and demand, and delivery schedules, should be available in real time, conveniently and reliably for the different parties of the supply chain for implementation of efficient material management. This is achieved by a supply chain management system that digitizes the necessary data into a single system.

Stakeholders in the supply chain include eg.

  • the producer of the raw materials
  • the seller and / or the supplier
  • logistics operator
  • the user of the raw materials

Functions related to production eg.

  • reception, utilization, and refining of raw materials
  • delivery of end products and side streams

The information generated in the different stages of the supply chain:

  • price
  • delivery schedules
  • the origin of raw materials
  • the operator’s capacity and demand

These industries and applications, among others, benefit from the digitalization of material flow management

Energy production

– Power and heating plants (bioenergy and other fuels)
– Waste-to-energy

Biofuel production

– Biogas plants
– Pellet production
– Production of other biofuels

Circular economy

– Materials recycling
– Waste management

Wood processing

Wood reception

Protacon Once® supply chain management system

Protacon Once® is a browser-based SaaS service model system used for real-time management of the supply chains of energy and circular economy companies  with the help of a single system. Once distributes data created in the supply chain in real time to all stakeholders involved in the chain. The system is scalable for supply chain management in case of small individual plants and groups involving several plants alike.

Once rationalizes and accelerates the management, monitoring, and reporting of the entire supply chain. You can save time, effort, and money.

Most important functionalities in OnceProtacon Once®

  • Annual/monthly/weekly production plans serving as the basis for order and supply contracts; materials, quantities, and prices
  • Order and delivery management, supply, and quota monitoring
  • Materials receipt functions and deliveries dispatched from plant (scales application and functions, sampling functions, etc.)
  • Analysis process control; Quality of raw materials and end products
  • Transport co-ordination
  • Stock management
  • Calendar-based booking of unloading and loading times
  • Versatile reporting, incl. emission, tax, material origin, traceability, and sustainability reports
  • Generation of invoicing and payment documentation
  •  Integrations into scales, automation, ERP/CRM, invoicing, and other systems, for example
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Once mobile brings flexibility for data generation in a supply chain – application for any device or operating system

  • Calendar-based bookings of unloading and loading times
  • Loading and unloading acknowledgements
  • Storage entries
  • Electronic weighing certificate
  • Load alignment function

After introduction of the Once system…

  1. Entering data only once is enough
  2. More efficient supply chain management and improved productivity
  3. Efficient daily management based on information collected
  4. Drastic reduction of manual work, human errors, and hidden costs; resources are freed up for more productive and pleasant activities
load events per year
transport vehicles
vehicle scales

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Success stories of our customers

Kuopion Energia

“One system can provide information about our total production and matters related to the district heating network, as well as produce corporate-level financial reports, for example.”

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“Creating a customer invoice only takes a few clicks, whereas in the past, invoicing could take a week from our work time each month. Today, it is completed in about two days, which means significant savings.”

Read Gasum success story

Pori Energia

“Once provides cost information about different fuel options particularly regarding our own fuel reserves. This information is worth the money for us.”

Read Pori Energia success story

Haapajärven lämpö

“The modern technology of the Once system is exactly what we need in our operations. Although Haapajärven Lämpö is a relatively small thermal power plant, the powerful functionalities of the Once system provide cost savings and visible improvements in our operations already with these fuel quantities.”

Read Haapajärven Lämpö success story

Kainuun Voima

“For each load, we take samples for analysing the moisture, temperature and load weight. Now this data is registered in real-time in the Once system and we receive the loads’ energy quantity calculations directly from the system.”

Read Kainuun Voima success story


“Today, Once registers all material streams arriving at the mill, from wood material to more than 100 different chemicals. Previously, the reception and registration of material streams was performed manually in Excel.”

Read Kotkamills success story

How to get started? Transferring the data generated in the supply chain into Once and implementing the system is an effortless process under the guidance of a skilled partner.

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The following are at your disposal:

  • Free mapping of the current state of affairs and processes
  • A meeting where we enhance our common understanding of the journey from the present state to your objectives
  • A solution proposal in which we explain the division of responsibilities and roles during the project
  • Validation and migration of existing data
  • Quick system implementation and user training
  • System and customer support from day one
  • Expert partnership, industry know-how, and constant development of customer relationships
  • A secure SaaS environment for real-time knowledge-based supply chain management
  • The skills of more than 450 experts in the fields of knowledge-based management, software development, automation, production planning, and maintenance