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The industrial internet and communication between devices have been present in Protacon’s everyday life for a long time. We have created solutions for the pioneers of the industrial internet for three decades. We are specialists in equipment control, data collection, measurement, further processing of data, and remote monitoring.

Would you like to find ways to improve the efficiency and productivity of your company and create new business models utilising the industrial internet, communication between devices or the internet of things? We will help you get quickly started using a hands-on approach.

We know how the internet of things (IoT) can be utilised in various circumstances. We know how an IoT solution can be taken into practical use both in cost-efficiently manufactured consumer products, healthcare equipment and very demanding conditions.

How can you manage many devices located all over the world simultaneously from one location?

Our remote monitoring customers know how their equipment is doing and when it needs maintenance. Work machines, production plants and equipment always need regular service and maintenance. How can you ensure production continuity, high rate of utilisation and predictability?

We can meet the needs of remote monitoring in many different business sectors. For energy plants, we offer full remote monitoring service for the entire production plant. For work machine and equipment manufacturers, we provide equipment monitoring and the possibility for providing continuous service for end users.

We have created IoT and M2M services for the following needs, for example

  • Design of new business models
  • Production monitoring and control
  • Remote management and control
  • Monitoring of production environment
  • Real estate automation
  • Energy applications
  • Welfare and health technology applications
  • Logistics solutions
  • Security systems and access control
  • Sampling and quality control

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