Guide to streamlining inbound and outbound operations

In the energy industry and circular economy, efficient material flow management is an important part of the business. The receipt of materials is the most critical step in the supply chain. An inefficient receiving process directly undermines the profitability of a business.

In this guide, we will describe the typical challenges to the inbound and outbound  operations of companies operating in the circular economy and energy business and how receipt of materials can be improved with intelligent functions.

In this guide we answer eg. the following questions:

  • What are the most efficiency-eating challenges in inbound and outbound operations?
  • How can you enhance the capabilities of inbound and outbound operations?
  • Why should a company manage the entire supply chain with a single system solution?

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In the energy industry and circular economy, it is desired to accurately monitor material flows, because the entire operation of the company is based on successful management of these flows. The receipt of materials at the plant is a critical point in the supply chain. At this point, the delivery of the supplier is officially verified and it is determined who pays for the material, to whom and how much. 

Steps related to inbound and outbound operations include, among others, registration of the load in the system, verification of its contents, a quality check, and unloading into the warehouse. All these steps can be can be improved with intelligent functions, which improves efficiency and productivity.

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