How did it feel to return to the future?

I argue that each employed person contemplates the pros and cons of their jobs and the challenges they offer at some stage of their career. I believe that this is the way it should be, since we usually spend most of our waking time at work, and if the job in one way or another does not reflect our wishes, this is echoed in the leisure time. But is it true in this context that life gets better by a change?

I went through my contemplation stage about five years ago. At that time, I had worked at Protacon’s support service for three years, first in support tasks and later as a leader of a four-member team. Although I enjoyed my job, I wanted to see whether the grass was greener on the other side of the fence and how far my own capabilities would carry me. I left my safe and familiar work environment to try something new while still remaining involved with support and maintenance services – customer service being close to my heart.

After leaving Protacon, I started as a maintenance project manager and ended up in the role of continuous service development manager after five years. At the same time, however, the work environment rapidly changed in a way that was beyond my personal influence or selections. At this stage, I was again faced with the question whether my job fulfilled my dreams and offered me more than just a regular pay. When I once again started to go through vacancies, I realised that during these five years Protacon had also grown and changed as a business. The question arose if the job once left could offer something new or would it mean returning to the old. I decided to find it out.

I decided to accept the position of business manager at Protacon


“Now, I have worked at Protacon since February 2016”

What do people potentially think of a former employer returning as a prodigal son? What kind of tasks could the company offer me at its present state? Since my employment had ended on good terms, discussions about a new job could also be started in similar circumstances. At the end of discussions, I was proposed a position that I could not refuse – I decided to accept the job of business manager at Protacon.

Now, I have worked at Protacon since February 2016. Although the workplace is familiar to me from the old times, changes have taken place during the past five years at such a pace that it feels like new. A good example of these changes is that the earlier four-member support team has grown to a group of 15 people and Protacon has grown to a small large-scale company. One thing has not changed though: a professional, but relaxed atmosphere with positively thinking people who work together pulling in the same direction is still there. With such people, it’s easy to handle small everyday disappointments as well as celebrate success.

In my role as business manager, I am responsible for customer relationship management in our Expert Organisations line while also participating in service product development and new customer acquisition. My job includes a dash of the old, familiar and safe with some colleagues already familiar from the past. Mainly, however, the job is a new and exciting challenge for me and has enabled me to get involved with new ideas and people. And the best thing is that I have returned closer to the customer interface – a good place for me.

Based on my experience, I can say that it is true that life gets better by change. It is a different thing, however, what the conclusion will be in the long term. I know now how it feels to return. To return to the future. In my case, the atmosphere in the workplace was the decisive factor – what could it be for you?

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Heidi Hakkarainen

Kirjoittaja Heidi Hakkarainen

One of Protacon’s business managers, responsible for strategic customer relationships, customer acquisition and service product development. At work, customers are close to her heart, and dogs, sports and nature are her favourite pastime activities.