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Protacon’s versatile information system and automation solutions manage raw materials and product flows to guarantee their availability in the right place at the right time. Advanced logistics solutions ensure the cost-efficiency and customer-oriented approach of the supply chain. Reliable solutions bring real-time transparency to the entire production process.

Easily integratable into the ERP system

Protacon’s flexible and scalable solutions can be easily integrated into the ERP system to enable receipt of material orders, work instructions and raw material data from the upper-level system. If desired, completed production can be reported in the ERP system for invoicing.

Production planning features suit:

  • Make to Order (MTO) manufacturing
  • Make to Stock (MTS) manufacturing

The management and control of the manufacturing process cover all necessary functions from raw material receipt to dispatching of complete products. Product monitoring is based on either a machine control system (PLC, DCS) or product codes (barcode, RFID).

Storage optimisation

Storage operations can be optimised based on the dispatching function or product expiration dates. The system’s collection functions improve the storage flow-through and reduce defective deliveries. Thanks to real-time monitoring of the storage status, the quality of operations improve and it is possible to quickly react to changing needs.

Warehouses can be:

  • Manual (forklift warehouse)
  • Rack warehouses
  • AGV (automated guided vehicle) warehouses
  • Combinations of rack and AGV warehouses
  • Roll warehouse
  • High bay storage

Transportation design services offer efficient tools for planning and optimising vehicle loads. Accurate and up-to-date information creates a basis for efficient operations. With information technology, correct information is available to all who need it. Protacon offers expert services in finding the best possible logistics solution. Our service range includes needs analyses and process simulations.

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