How can you manage many devices located all over the world simultaneously from one location?

Our remote monitoring customers know how their equipment is doing and when it needs maintenance. Work machines, production plants and equipment always need regular service and maintenance. How can you ensure production continuity, high rate of utilisation and predictability?

How can you anticipate risks and ensure business continuity? How can you create new services for your customers or change the service model using remote monitoring and remote administration?

With our remote monitoring services, you can

  • Ensure efficient production and problem-free operation
  • Get a snapshot view of systems and equipment, vehicles and real estates
  • Manage time, place, conditions and operating history to support decision-making
  • Save in travel expenses and work costs
  • Manage life cycles of technical systems
  • Create new business models for your customers and partners

We can meet the needs of remote monitoring in many different business sectors. For energy plants, we offer full remote monitoring service for the entire production plant. For work machine and equipment manufacturers, we provide equipment monitoring and the possibility for providing continuous service for end users.

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