KuPi is an online maintenance manager

For whom is Protacon KuPi best suited?

Protacon KuPi is a maintenance cloud service specifically designed for small and medium-sized thermal and water plants and maintenance companies. KuPi is an easy-to-use, device-independent and cost-efficient solution for maintenance.

KuPi increases both efficiency and precision of reporting and follow-up. KuPi does not require a massive start-up project for introduction. It is an easy-to-use maintenance system ready for instant use.

Why you should choose KuPi

Why online?


The maintenance manager monitors online, even while the others sleep

Maintenance history is reliably stored

Faster working thanks to onsite storage of images and task documentation
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Why Protacon KuPi?

The KuPi maintenance system enables maintenance reporting that is independent of place and time. It increases the efficiency of field work and improves information sharing and workflow monitoring. The maintenance manager gets accurate, complete and up-to-date information on work performed.

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Easy to introduce


Faster reporting
Facilitates work


Fixed monthly rate
Transparent pricing

Preventive maintenance saves money

Preventive maintenance is improved, when maintenance work is carried out in time. Recordable visual material can be used to verify both the condition of sites and task performance.

The introduction of KuPi is an agile process. The user interface is clear and intuitive.

Affordable maintenance system

Protacon KuPi is an affordable maintenance system solution, because it is implemented as a cloud service. The start-up fee includes user training.

No unnecessary features, only essential and easy-to-use functionalities. The service is always up-to-date thanks to regular updating.

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KuPi – maintenance cloud service

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