Maximum production reliability for industrial plants

The objective of industrial plants is to operate without interruptions with the maximum production reliability.

Unplanned shutdowns in production due to equipment failures or similar problems are expensive. Well-planned maintenance shutdowns can maximise the production reliability.

Protacon provides specialist, measurement, analysis and strength calculation services to ensure the maximum performance of processes, machines, equipment and related systems in all stages of their lifecycles.

Our services include

  • Acceptance inspections of plants and equipment
  • Troubleshooting services
  • Vibration and noise measurements
  • Condition tests and analyses
  • Strength and vibration analysis services
  • Condition monitoring including analysis services
  • Development of preventive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring and remote analysis services
  • Related training services

Our main customers include companies operating in the energy, process and mechanical engineering industries, equipment manufacturers and other partners. With our services, we make it possible for customers to concentrate on their own core business and its development. We do not sell measurement results – we produce solutions on a turnkey basis.

The high quality of our operations is guaranteed by

  • A sufficient number of personnel with long-term experience in their specific fields
  • Wide and deep expertise from engineering design to implementation; for example: automation, electrification, instrumentation, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanics, processes, strength calculation, vibration, noise, condition monitoring, electric drives and measurement, test and information systems, etc.
  • Measuring and analysis tools, analysers and analysis and modelling software representing the latest technological development
  • Long-term expertise and comprehensive experience in customer processes and equipment
  • Project management, documentation and international experience
  • Innovative productised services

We offer you all in one package

  • Qualified professionals
  • Measurements
  • Analyses
  • Vibration and strength calculations
  • Repairs

Our services include: Measurement, tests, analysis, troubleshooting, electric drives, remote analysis and support, condition monitoring, maintenance and upkeep, automation, electrification and instrumentation, hydraulics, product development, measurement, testing and information systems, plant and mechanical engineering, vibration and strength calculation.


The operation of the object studied can be visualised and monitored with measurement signal processing software and modelling tools. Vibration and strength calculations can simulate the behavior of the measurement and the changes can be planned efficiently in advance. The adequacy of the measures can be ensured after completing the changes.

Correct tools and highly skilled personnel with wide-ranging expertise in dimensioning, engineering design and implementation guarantee the high quality of thoroughly contemplated and perfectly implemented solutions.

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