Our project offering covers all that is needed

Protacon’s project offering for power production and electric drives encompasses all that is needed from generators to protection systems and power production control systems.

A project may include

  • Instrumentation and instrument accessories
  • Protective relays, measuring and monitoring units
  • Power production control systems
  • Diesel generators and automatic voltage regulators
  • Electric drives and electric motors
  • Transformers
  • Shore-to-ship supply systems and converters
  • Systems for energy storage

Our automation system solution can incorporate power production control that is scalable to all needs. Alternatively, controls can be implemented with generator-/switch-specific multipurpose relays that efficiently combine functions for power production control and protection.

All control functions can be performed remotely from the automation system. Alarms and similar information can be collected in the automation system via a field bus. The delivery can also include other necessary equipment for instruments or completely new prefabricated instruments.

The generator product is based on our own automatic voltage regulator concept that is particularly suitable for generators with brushes up to magnetising currents of 10,000 A. The project can also include other controls and protections required by isolated and common drives. When required, the project can also cover completely new generators and diesel engines, either based on traditional technology or implemented with modern permanent magnet motors.

Regarding motor drives, we have wide experience in electric drives and motors, ranging from small direct drives to DC grid drives and from dimensioning to startup.

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