We will take you and your customers to the exciting world of innovative services

Have you ever thought about how to improve your competitive advantage by shifting from manufacturing to service production? Is your dream to find new customers and business models via digitalisation? Are you wondering whether automation could replace routine tasks or reduce lead times?

Our solutions related to service design help you to

  • Utilise automation in service production
  • Create new business models, improve efficiency and keep some time reserved for innovations via digitalisation
  • Respond better to your customers’ expectations
  • Improve your competitive advantage

Our service design experts help you reorganise your existing business and create new services assisting you in many practical matters, such as arrangement of support services and even user interface design.

This is how PocDay turns your idea into reality in 24 hours


Do you have an idea, which you would like to implement quickly to a visible demo? A PocDay team will create the application’s 1. version from your vision in 24 hours, and you will get it immediately on your use. The team is built based on your needs, it can consist program, usability, and service designers.

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