Productivity solutions for office and knowledge work

Protacon’s productivity solutions for office and knowledge work offer much more than just IT outsourcing and a method for cost savings. We at Protacon can increase the profitability of your work by automating routine work, removing overlapping tasks and enabling new methods for groupwork.

Would your company like to be a preferred workplace for the best people – today and tomorrow? We can find you ways to ensure that your employees and partners can work smoothly and successfully regardless of the time and place. Our solutions bring transparency to the production, management and storage of important contents of your entire business.

Our service promise of productivity

  • Appropriate and functional equipment for office and knowledge work to suit each role and need
  • Your employees can efficiently utilise the tools in use
  • Cost-efficient and flexible next-generation solutions for data management, communication and cooperation
  • The world’s safest cloud service for Finnish customers for storing important information
  • A straightforward and easy-to-use support model for problem and change situations

Efficiency at knowledge and office work increases by combining industry-leading applications with groupwork and document management. We provide you with equipment – phones, computers and tablets – that are flexibly selected based on your needs.

We deliver tools for personal work, design the office and network infrastructure and, when needed, offer the entire service in one package. We deploy the solutions and train your employees in using the tools efficiently in their daily work.

Our experts are available both remotely and on site. We provide support services from one source.

Why is Protacon a unique partner in ensuring productivity?

Based on our practical experience, we know how digitalisation of office and knowledge work in small and medium-sized expert companies must be carried out. We are your productivity partner who knows the best practices regarding both how knowledge work is performed and the technologies used.

We give advice and support and develop our customers’ businesses in areas ranging from basic information technology to business-critical information systems. We offer specialist knowhow for the management of demanding environments. In addition to standard software, we offer our customers tailor-made business systems.

Previously, we spent far too much time in troubleshooting computers and connection faults. Then we subcontracted our ICT services to Protacon and acquired computers and systems that suit our operations better. This has remarkably improved our productivity and management of time.

Inessa Taneli,
Valoa Design Ltd

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