The enterprise service bus takes you to the digital highway

With the Protacon enterprise service bus (ESB), our customers can connect their cloud services, devices, vehicles, real estates, items and measuring equipment – seamlessly and easily. The Protacon enterprise service bus is charged based on its usage and thus, suits different types and scopes of integration needs. Integration as a service is easily deployable, cost-effective, scalable and secure.

With an integration enterprise service bus, in addition to streamlining their daily tasks, companies can enter the digital highway and take IoT in practical use in their business. The enterprise service bus streamlines daily tasks, reduces errors and wasted time at work by transferring information automatically. While being suited to very simple needs, such as exchange of information between services, the enterprise service bus can also be used in more extensive applications, such as:

  • MDM (Master Data Management)
  • BI / Big Data analytics
  • Data mining
  • Silent monitoring
  • Omnichannel
  • BPM (Business process management)
  • Audit trail

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