IPa is a modern platform for systems integration

Protacon’s Enterprise Service Bus (IPa) is a cost-efficient integration platform enabling faster integration of information systems compared to traditional methods.

Why IPa?
Time can be used more effectively when merely cost-generating work steps are automated
Sharing data between systems improves knowledge management
Improved data traceability and follow-up reduce human errors

Why IPa?

Integration implemented as a service is faster and costs less.

IPa is


less expensive than traditional implementation

delivery even in

2 weeks

from signing the contract

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Well-known technology
Data security guaranteed
Finnish service


Fast system deployment
Clear process – no suprises
Ready integration platform


Fixed monthly rate
Innovative, adaptable solution
Transparent pricing

Content of IPa

Project team

Implements the integration

Data center services

Ensure accessibility of services


Enable integration

Touchpoint and service team

Service during the contract

Implemented integration projects


“In the healthcare sector, integration is needed with systems used by municipalities and the public sector, such as ERP and patient information systems. This requires quite demanding integration solutions. Protacon has adapted particularly well to today’s world.”