Our ICT services will streamline your daily work

Protacon’s ICT services are designed to free up resources to allow time for productive and creative work. We will make sure that your daily business runs smoothly by ensuring high-quality user experience with technical equipment, such as tablets, phones, computers, servers, printers, network equipment and connections.

Our ICT services

  • Cloud platform services
  • Support and administration
  • Data security services
  • Installation and deployment of workstations and servers
  • Office and workgroup applications, such as Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite

Cloud platform services

An efficient and safe cloud platform is the heart of the digital transformation of business. We will help you build, produce and maintain cloud services in an efficient and safe manner – for both your own use and for your customers. We provide services:

  • Public SaaS environments, such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure
  • Customer-specific on-premise solutions
  • Cloud services of our partners
  • Our own eco-efficient high-security data centre
  • Hybrid solutions

Administration and support

Our Customer Care provides continuous service from a single source in problem situations and change needs. We serve users via email, phone or through live chat, according to the contract. Our support service reporting improves the predictability of our customers’ business systems, budgeting and monitoring. Every day, we provide support and administration service for hundreds of companies, 10,000 main users and systems that are used by all Finnish people. Our support and administration services include:

  • Service Desk
  • HelpDesk for end users
  • Issue tracking system (ITS) and customer messaging
  • Deployment of systems
  • Guidance
  • Local support
  • Remote connection service

Administration of one’s own servers and backup systems always brings unnecessary trouble, and the company’s own equipment rooms are often impractical. By transferring our servers to Protacon’s management and introducing a backup solution, we have virtually eliminated these problems and significantly reduced data security risks. In addition, the service is extremely suitable for supporting mobile work and activities in different locations.

Mika Särkijärvi, Senior Communication Consultant,
Medita Communication

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