Timo Liukko

Who is Timo Liukko?

I am a 48 years old former inhabitant of Kuopio, now already grown to feel at home in Jyväskylä. I like sports in its many different forms, as well as cooking, and I am very keen on reading lighter scientific publications, such as the Tiede journal. At Protacon, I work as a specialist, but I have heard that my unofficial job title is “free radical”.

How did you arrive at your present job?

Originally, I moved to Jyväskylä to study mathematics. As I, however, found it too theoretical, I decided to change to the IT department within the same faculty. So it is somewhat by chance that I work in this field. During my student time, I set up a company with my mates because one had to get a job somewhere. At that time, it was difficult to become employed in the IT field. Today, the name of this company is Protacon Solutions Ltd.

What does your typical workday include?

My work is usually project-based and I also do a lot of independent work; sometimes, however, I am part of a team. My task could be, for example, to ensure that an embedded system can communicate with a measuring device. When maintaining old systems, surprising needs may come up, such as reports repair and data mining from ValueFrame or accounting books. Solving challenging problems always makes me feel good.

What is the best in your job and at Protacon?

At Protacon, I respect the fact that my visual disability has never been considered a limitation. I have been allowed to organise my working tools and methods exactly as it suits me the best. In fact, many of my workmates do not even remember that I have a visual disability! I can also greatly influence what I do and how. I believe and argue that in this company people can advance their careers in the direction they want to.

How do you spend your leisure time?

Absolutely by doing sports! I like best running, swimming and cycling. I have stopped bringing work home but I do other things instead.