Talk a little about yourself

My name is Pavel and I’m from the Czech Republic. I have been living in Finland since 2001 when I began studying Information Technology at the JAMK University of Applied Sciences. During the studies, I started to work in a machine vision project at Fotocomp Ltd, and the company became part of Protacon in 2013.

What does a System Specialist do at Protacon?

In my case, it’s quite a lot of things: software design, code implementation, database design, and interfacing with PLC. I also do installations for customers and work with machine vision where I design the image analyzing algorithms. For me, one of the most interesting projects has been a concrete factory project where we implemented a 3D machine vision system for automatic slab casting and verifying the quality of final products.

What do I like about my job?

The best part of my job is that I can work with many different technologies and devices, not to mention the great team. Every project has its own character and I get to know many various technologies in industries. I enjoy problem solving and creating new algorithms – my job feels more like a hobby to me.

What do I do my free time?

In my free time, I hike, photograph the nature, fiddle with electronics, and spend time with my family. One of my favorite hobbies is building drones, which I’m using for photography and shooting videos. I’m also building small electronic devices for the home. For example, I have built moisture and temperature monitoring and heating control systems.