Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Kalle Ahola, an engineer of automation technology, a graduate of the Jyväskylä Technical Institute. I’ve been working at Protacon since 1997, with measuring and information systems. Nowadays, I’m responsible for the technologies of our MIS operations, in addition to which I participate in a wide range of sales and marketing work, quote calculations, and often also in project management and implementation.

How did you end up at Protacon?

In the early spring of 1997, at the automation lab of the Jyväskylä Technical Institute, our teacher asked if we had ever heard about a company called Protacon? I hadn’t, and the teacher said, “You might, one day”. A few days later, the phone rang, and after a job interview, I ended up working for Protacon, doing the condition monitoring system of the PK2 roller of UPM’s Kaukas factory as my final year project.

What inspires you in your work?

Soon, I’ll have been able to work with Finnish industrial technologies for 20 years. Many of our projects are related to the clients’ product development projects, which have become honed into the top industrial products. Each project and challenge is different, which keeps the motivation levels high, as it’s always possible to learn something new. Constantly being on the cutting edge requires continuous competence, as well as becoming acquainted with new technologies and applications. It’s great being involved in Protacon’s growth, and seeing that small setbacks are not a big deal for a good organisation.

How do you recover from work?

I like to spend my time off with my family, and also play amateur hockey, and do other exercise. Small home improvement and hobby activities also add variety to my everyday life. In the summer, I’m busy with yacht racing and sailing trips on Päijänne and at sea.