Janne Venäläinen

A brief description of yourself

My name is Janne and I have a master’s degree in automation and systems technology. I work at Protacon as a software developer in automation projects. I graduated in 2016 from the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering specialising in mechatronics.

What does an automation software developer do at Protacon?

I spend about half of my time with maintenance and development of existing systems, which also involves a lot of analyses and startups at the customer’s site. I have been mostly engaged with automated measurement systems, such as production test equipment, delivered as customer projects. This equipment is used to ensure the quality of the customer's product and to increase production efficiency at the very outset of production.

How did you arrive at your present job as Software Developer?

As a student, I worked as a research assistant in a micro- and nanorobotics research group at Aalto University. The experience gathered there in the development of automated measurement systems and my studies in embedded systems programming made it consistent and natural to start work at Protacon. The best in my work is the possibility to carry out interesting and variable projects. There’s no need to fear for boredom. In addition, I enjoy work at Protacon because they are ready to invest in employees’ career development through education and greater responsibilities.

How do you recover from work?

I have always enjoyed sports, which is also a brilliant counterbalance for work with VDUs. I play floorball and tennis as a hobby and go to the gym. Time spent with my girlfriend, family and friends also promotes well-being at work.


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