Ismo Tolonen

A brief description of yourself

My name is Ismo and I am a Bachelor of Engineering specialised in software technology. I work at Protacon as a Project Manager. In addition, I am Site Manager in the Kuopio office. I have been employed by Protacon since 2016. I appreciate open and sociable atmosphere and I always encourage other team members to the same. I am also an active user of social media and, in fact, I am present in all major social media channels.

How did you arrive at your present job and what does your typical working day include?

In my previous job, a long customer project was brought to completion and it was the right time to think about the next step in my working career. Protacon seemed interesting to me and it did not take long before we entered into contract. Protacon interested me particularly because it offered opportunities for professional development as well as other advantages of a big company. My typical working day may include, for example, project management, communication with my team members and customers, HR affairs in the Kuopio office and meetings with customers.

What is the best in your work and at Protacon?

I like my job due to its variability and the possibility to work with people. At Protacon, I appreciate the professional approach and workplace culture. There are a number of funny memories, such as my first customer meeting where I dipped my neck chain ID card into a dessert bowl at the beginning of a lunch meeting. An authentic expert from the Savo region had arrived!

How do you recover from work?

Sports, in its many forms, is an important part of recovery. In addition, hunting and fishing are close to my heart. However, I don’t find it important to separate work and leisure. When the work is fun, no major breakaway is necessary!

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