Select an experienced innovator as your partner for the revolution

The fourth industrial revolution has already started. The new wave of automation, digitalisation and services reforms our society, work roles and the way of producing services to consumers and organisations.

Manifestations of the fourth industrial revolution, which will change the marketing, design and distribution of products and services, are already present in our everyday life.

Five situations in which Protacon can help you with the fourth industrial revolution:

  1. When you want that equipment, people and smart production lines connect and communicate with each other. We have been involved in the development of practical industrial internet applications and M2M solutions already for three decades
  2. If you want to create a virtual model or a simulation of production, products, work machines or mechanisms and save costs
  3. When decentralised and independent capabilities are created in systems for decision-making or when utilisation of robotics is desired
  4. When you want to collect, analyse and utilise data in real-time
  5. When you want to have a service-oriented approach

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