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Human errors occur to all of us and there is not always much we can do about it. But what if a machine would do repeated work for you and errors would no longer occur?

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Customer testimonials


Kuopion Energia

"We are going to expand the Once system from the production environment to the whole group"


“Cooperation with Protacon has increased our modernisation projects by 20–30%”

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“Protacon offers competence and service in all of the areas of automation”

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“Work progresses swiftly and we have been able to test the business idea immediately”

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23.4.2019 in News

Protacon Labday explored the possibilities of artificial intelligence

The yearly budget allows ten days for each digital business expert for upgrading their skills.
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6.3.2019 in News

What is the future smart factory like?

At Advanced Engineering 2019, Protacon will shape the outlines for a smart future factory.
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3.5.2019 in Inside Protacon Blog

Building workplace wellbeing

Do you know what a Monday barometer is? No problem, neither does Google. I invented the term to express the rate of satisfaction of people with their current daily lives…
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